Jacqueline Waterhouse

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Superheroes don't wear glasses
Eight year old Alfie loves his new glasses, but he doesn't want to wear them, because all the superheroes in his storybooks don't wear glasses, and he wants to be just like them.

However this all changes when he has a visitor who takes him on a journey to meet one very special superhero and his pixie helpers.


'A wonderfully warm story full of memorable characters. Perfect for 5 – 8 yr olds.' By The Wishing Shelf Awards on 8. June 2016.

Firstly, I must say, this book is wrapped in a very yummy cover. It looks fab! Secondly, what a sweet story. It is well plotted and I loved the central premise: a boy who will not put on his new glasses. Why? Well, (and here's children's logic for you) Batman, Superman and the Hulk don't wear any. Wonderful! The story is full of tiny twists and turns which will keep any child interested. He's visited by a tiny fellow by the name of Jason from the Land of Power and they go off on a fun adventure. The book is not overly long - approx. 36pp, and is illustrated throughout with colour drawings. The style of the language is simple and the description of the characters is imaginative and fun. This book is a fantastic way of showing children how silly stereotyping is. If you happen to be the parent of a child who won't try new things and is overly influenced by what is cool and what is not, this story would be perfect for them. I always like to end with 'what I liked best'. Well, I liked Superhero Spectacus best. With a little help from him, Alfie soon understands that putting on his glasses will help him in many ways.

Superheroes don't wear glasses - Book Cover